The Swiss Sensor Knife for Soft Body Dynamics

Soft Condensed Matter Sensors (SCMS)

Capturing asymmetric, slow and micro dynamics - short soft body dynamics - is crucial for any precise vital signs and biomechanical monitoring - because humans are soft bodies.

The novel SCMS toolkit captures what others can't, as this disruptive strain gauge sensor technology uses an unique approach to measure such forms of dynamics/motions.

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Innovative By Novel Technology

Convertible Smart Strap

Convertible Smart Strap

Transform any ordinary watch into a smart watch by using convertible smart straps. Enjoy the gesture based remote controller features. Additional applications feasible.

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breath alert

Respiratory Chest Strap

Capture breathing patterns comfortably at home and detect anomalies early with a novel soft body conforming measuring technology for young and old.

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Continuous Pulse Wave Form Blood Pressure Monitoring

Pulse Wave Blood Pressure Monitor

Monitor your pulse wave comfortably and get blood pressure results beyond frequency and variability continuously without any cuff.

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Traditional Monitoring Concept

Vital Function Signals
1 pillar
Environmental Signals
2 pillar
3D Motion Signals
3 pillar


Soft Body Dynamics
4 pillar

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