Introduction to Soft Body Dynamics (SBD)

Soft Body Dynamics is the fourth pillar of The Four Pillar Principle Of Continuous Monitoring developed by STBL Medical Research AG.

Basically when it comes to continuous monitoring, primary signals such as pulse, wave, breathing and others are recorded. Usually and almost certainly whe it comes to continuous monitoring, such signals are distorted by artefacts and noises. Such signals have to be recorded as well and primary signals have to be filtered simultaneously. The more noise/artefacts can be filtered out the more accurate becomes the final (vital) signs results. Algorithm play an important role in this process. However, noises/artefacts not recorded will continue to distort primary signals.

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Traditional Monitoring uses what we call from STBL "A Three Pillar Approach" the pillars being (1) primary signal capturing, (2) surrounding/environmental influences and (3) motions.

At STBL we believe that motions is not captured fully. Traditional sensor technology does a great job when it comes to motions, explainable by a Euclidean 3D-space or Cartesian coordinate system, where all movements can be represented in context to a 3D framework (xyz axis). Even complex swim movements can be captured with such technology.

When it comes to soft bodies what humans are, a new dimension comes into play - Soft Body Dynamics a term coined by the motion pictures and computer animations industries around 1985. It basically describes the dynamics/deformations on the surface of the skin, micro and slow motions, all hardly recognizable and therefore impossible to describe in terms of 3D framework.

However, such motions can distort any primary signal capturing heavily and make an interpretation impossible. Continuous vital signs/function monitoring should always include some sort of soft body dynamics capturing. However, till to date soft body dynamics is hardly ever spoken of explicitily when it comes to smart wearables, medical, health or fitness tracking devices.

The result of this becomes The Four Pillar Principle Of Continuous Monitoring as Soft Body Dynamics monitoring becomes easily available with the new soft body conforming Soft Condensed Matter Sensors.

The use of soft body dynamics monitoring goes well beyoned motion artefact/noise filtering. Out of this broad set of opportunities STBL Medical Research AG  is focusing on the following themes:

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Gesture Dynamics

Gestures come in in many forms, as a method to communicate, balance your body or just as unintended artefacts. Gesture dynamics monitoring allows to gather valuable information that can be used in many areas from artefact control to gesture control by either eliminating or using the information.


Gesture - The Non Verbal Communication.

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Respiratory Dynamics

An adult person breathe around 25'000 times a day, while a baby breathe more than 85'000 times a day, while for premature babies this rate can easily go up to over 125'000 times a day.  Respiratory dynamics monitoring helps to save life when irregularities or apnea events are detected in time.


Breathing - The Source of Life.

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Blood Dynamics

Blood Dynamics

The blood circulatory system also called cardiovascular system delivers nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body through a vessel network of more than 100'000 km in length. Pulse wave monitoring including blood pressure helps to determine cardiovascular health conditions.


Blood - The Lifeline of the Body.

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